US Senate Leadership

capitol and the us senateWhat’s it called when you get a group of strong leaders from every state and put them together to help lead a country? That, of course, would be the US Senate. Leadership is not just a benefit in the Senate, it’s necessary. Politicians strive for a position in the Senate and those that achieve this great honor sometimes even have Presidential aspirations.

Senate Leadership: Past and Present

Let’s go back to 1787 when the framers of the Constitution, in order to protect the rights of the states, formed the Senate. Leadership would entail giving minority opinion importance in a system designed to give national government too much power. In 1788, the first Senators were elected and convened for the first time in 1789.

Over two centuries of senate leadership begs the question, “What has changed?” Much has changed in our world in this time but the Senate’s leadership commitment remains the same - protect the states’ individual rights from our powerful national government. Protecting the ‘little people’ if you will.

What Makes A Senator?

To be part of an exclusive club such as the US Senate, leadership qualities on a personal level can be attributed to a majority of that political success. Because a Senator’s basic responsibility is to protect the people of his or her state, constituents want a leader they feel will represent them in the best way. To get elected to the US Senate, leadership means sticking up for your state. Of course present day issues and concerns top the list of deciding factors with voters, but deep down it’s about whom they trust more to fight for them, their state and their country.

What The Senate Leadership takes

Senate leadership takes determination, patience, focus and plain ‘ole guts. Politicians have their lives opened up for public viewing, especially at such an elevated level of government. A strong will is necessary to even consider Senate leadership, considering an entire state rests upon a Senator’s shoulders.

It’s probably safe to say the same qualities that made our earliest pioneers in the senate leadership trail so successful rings true today in our present Senators.


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